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About Event India

Founded in 1989 by Rohini and Satish Bansal, the company soon stole limelight with its foray into the exhibition world. An engineer from Pune's very own College of Engineering, Satish manifested to reality the dream of giving Pune various area-specific shows till Utsav was born in 1998. There has been no looking back since then.

Committed to giving Pune the best, Satish and Rohini have always led by example and in the process, built up a team of highly-committed professionals who echo their values and believe in being second to none. Meet 'Team Utsav' members...

Satish Bansal
Managing Director
Email: satish.bansal@teamutsav.com
Mobile : +91 98220 12900

Rohini Bansal
Email: rohini.bansal@teamutsav.com
Mobile : +91 98223 90069

Roshan Bhatia
Email: roshan.bhatia@teamutsav.com
Mobile : +91 98224 66333


Validating event management values through effective communication
with an inviolable advance towards meeting and fulfilling the set objective.